Why Autumn is a good time to buy a home. Would you like to save on tax?

News at Stonebridge & Co | 13/09/2018

We at Stonebridge & Co decided to write up a little blog to let you know some of the reasons why Autumn is a good time to buy your new home.   

First off, there is less competition - as Spring/Summer are seen to be the ‘in demand’ seasons it allows a sense of tranquility once September comes around as the market is a little calmer. Kids are back at school and families are busy preparing for the holiday season, meaning that they won’t want to disturb their routine. This puts you in a great position to be able to negotiate with sellers who do have their houses on the market.

Next is the price - even though the amount of listings don’t drop, prices do! If you decide to buy in the Autumn you are more likely to avoid bidding wars, as well as this you can receive a lower market price and as result take out a smaller mortgage and save on tax.

Sellers are most likely going to want to close a deal by the end of the year rather than keep it hanging over there heads into the New Year, which makes them more susceptible to coming down on the price.

Bearing in mind that some properties on the market would have been listed all throughout the summer months too, therefore, the seller will be very ready and motivated to make a deal rather than pro long their sell or go into off peak times.

You can also take advantage of the tax breaks so even though you will still have to pay income tax, property tax and mortgage interest are both deductible off your years worth of income if you get it in before December 31st, which can make a significant difference.

With Autumn also comes rain and cooler winds, which means that unlike summer months you can spot the chips and cracks on viewings before you move in - such as issues with water or any leakages, dripping radiators, window cracks that need sealing. All of which makes it easier for you to negotiate on the price.

Finally lets talk shopping! When else can you take advantage to bulk out your new home with all the end of summer sales and sales leading up to Christmas and New Year – it’s the perfect time to pick up some bargains once you moved.  Our interiors service can help you create your perfect home.

So if you are a first time buyer, relocating, downsizing or even just fancy a move then this is a great time of year for you.

Simply get in touch and we can help you through your journey to finding your new home.

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