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When developing the ethos of Stonebridge & Co, we felt that there was a personal touch missing from the market. Our team approaches our business in a transparent, consultative, and ultimately approachable way – we even designed our relaxing and comfortable space with this in mind. Gone are the days of sitting uncomfortably across from us at a desk!

We want our Clients to feel valued and welcome. Come in and sit down with us, and we will have a consultation over a coffee, listen to your wants and needs, and offer real straight forward advice. You won’t get the hard sell from a shiny suit with us!

We beleive that it's all about personalisation and choice.  If you want to sell with us you have the option of choosing the right service level for your needs with our unique, tailored - Bronze, Silver and Gold tiered service and fee options:


If you choose this premium package you will receive all the benefits of the Silver package with the addition of specifically designed marketing for an entirely bespoke service. We will include detailed advertising and marketing campaigns, including options of night photography, day long shoots and professional home staging, to reach the full range of local and international clients.


The local high street approach to sales. Our highly regarded sales team will take care of your sale from valuation through to completion, with everything you would expect from fully serviced viewings to personal feedback, broad spectrum marketing and traditional hands on help and support from beginning to end. We will make sure the whole process is smooth from launch to completion, with your dedicated client manager looking after your sale. 


We like what online agents do for clients and it can work very well for people with experience and time on their hands. If you list with our Bronze package we will ensure that you don't have to forfeit style and service. Our team will provide professional valuations, photography, floorplans and access to all the major portals. We give you the look of the look and feel of an independent agent but with online pricing.

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